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Electronic platform partial load problem how to debug





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Electronic platform partial load problem how to debug .

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Electronic platform partial load problem how to debug
1. Prepare before commissioning
(1) Check the sensor is not straight and implement (any violations should be adjusted to a suitable position).
(2) review and adjust the limit means space reserved (usually 3mm ~ 5mm or so more appropriate).
(3) See the scale body is not a member of each Cohesion Cohesion (two bolts Cohesion Cohesion scale body should twist spring pad level, but do not pay attention too much effort).
2. partial load test approach
(1) near to selection tests in the partial load specifications for weights (or fixed load), the load-bearing area should fit JJG539-1997 verification code requirements.
(2) in sequence along the longitudinal loading crane and record the indication (prior to rounding test and record error) in each bearing area. All values ​​are shown compared to find value near to intermediate to produce value as a specification value. Chongqing weighbridge load will move to introduce another area, the area shows the difference between the original value prior to rounding adjustment indication values ​​and norms. If the value is lower than the specification to adjust the difference between high, higher than the norm value is adjusted accordingly to lower the difference. NOTE: After the adjustment, which is usually zero change, showing the value of a point will change, adjustments in the existing load indication, the adjustment for the difference between the original and downs indication prior to rounding of values ​​and norms.
(3) Remove the load, clear, basic code requirements can be satisfied. But if there is an error, it will repeat the above error point (2).
(4) recommended that the primary recognition of electronic weighbridge Chongqing crane device is correct, partial load test done in sequence, the potentiometer is selected to be a transfer point can be adjusted. When adjusting potentiometer, watching the investigation potentiometer adjustments laps, change direction and indication of contact, can be a preset. Each error is about to come near to the target point. For example potentiometer clockwise circle, showing the value jumps up a division. It may be contrary to the target value corresponding to the potentiometer to adjust the orientation of ambition.