Belt Weigh Meter

Belt Weigh Meter(ICS)

Belt scales and electronic belt scale, mainly to do metering process or as a stand-alone ingredient used in the system. Electronic belt consists of four parts: weighing bridge, weighing sensor, speed sensor and roller speed digitizer or import weighing control instrument and auxiliary equipment and other components.
Weighing bridge is attached to the conveyor frame when the material passes a voltage signal detected by the measurement Tropsch material weight on the belt through the leverage on the load cell to generate a current proportional to the belt load rollers. Speed sensor directly connected to the large-diameter roller speed to provide a series of pulses, each pulse represents the frequency of a movement of the belt unit, the pulse is proportional to the belt speed. Weighing received from the load cell and speed sensor signals arrive at a value of instantaneous flow and cumulative weight value by integrating operations, and were displayed.
  • Dimensions and installation dimensions

1. the structure is simple, low power transmission link, simple installation and convenient;
2. the unique rectangular lever, steel is good, becomes invisible;
3. using a rubber trunnion bearing, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-vibration;
4. resistance to lateral forces, anti horizontal component, effectively reducing the belt deviation and blanking partial load on the system accuracy;
5. two load cells by partial load is small, smooth, high precision;
6. 17A weighing wide area, four sets of rollers so that the impact on the belt weighing a minimum;
7. 17B double roller, weighing shorter zone for feeding short distance belt conveyor.

Weighing range0.5-6000 t/h0.5 – 4000 t/h
Belt Width500-2200 mm400 – 2200 mm
Belt speed0.05- 4 m/s0.05 – 4 m/s
Weighing area length standard4800 mm2400 mm
Conveyor belt angle≤18 °≤18 °
Measurement accuracy(+ -)0.25%(+ -)0.25%
Conveyor TypeDT75 DTⅡDT75 DTⅡDT75 DTⅡ
500488 508720 740770 790
650638 658870 890920 940
800838 8581070 10901120 1140
10001068 10581300 12901350 1340
12001318 13081550 15401600 1590
14001518 15081750 17401800 1790
16001758 —–1990 —–2050 —–

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