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US scientists have developed the antimatter weighing equipment





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US scientists have developed the antimatter weighing equipment .

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“Newton because of falling apples from the tree to produce about gravitation inspiration” People still talked about the legend. So, Apple’s antimatter – “anti-Apple” What is rising or falling? This problem has plagued physicists. However, the US scientists are developing a set of weighing equipment to antimatter might be able to reveal the answer.

Antimatter and matter in some respects exactly the same, while others are completely the opposite. For example, the same number of protons and antiprotons quality, but exactly the opposite electric charge. In addition, when the particle and its antiparticle meet will annihilate each other, releasing huge amounts of energy, one gram of antimatter annihilate each other to 1 g of substance about the energy generated by the United States in World War II atomic bomb on Hiroshima served as the energy released two times.

University of California, Berkeley, physicist Holger Muller said: “We did not really understand antimatter for example, shows that the basic laws of physics, matter and antimatter in the universe should be equal to the number, but observations have shown that the material away. than antimatter, we still have not found an agreed interpretation. “in addition, gravity is also shrouded in mystery multilayer, scientists generally believe that gravity from dark matter, but no one knows its true colors.

Most importantly, the scientists have been wondering whether antimatter with ordinary substances, due to the gravitational fall. The answer to this question is difficult to direct evidence collected by the experiment, because antimatter is rare, and will annihilate on contact with ordinary matter. Mueller said: “No one had the combination of gravity and antimatter experiment, some people get the circumstantial evidence, but the most simple experiment – let a bunch of antimatter fall, and watch what happens, it has not yet been done To observe the gravitational interaction of antimatter and perhaps we get a wonderful opportunity to discover new physics. “

Mueller team is being developed by a light pulse atom interferometer, which can measure any behavior of particles (atoms, electrons and their antiparticles, etc.). After the particles are cooled to absolute zero, and wave their behavior is similar. By analyzing the mutual interference of these “matter waves” between scientists can distinguish suffered gravity of each particle. They plan to integrate this device into the inner alpha experiment at CERN, which seeks to create, capture and study the hydrogen atom of antimatter “anti-hydrogen atoms.” Because the anti-hydrogen atoms used for the experiment is small, so the latest system must be able to “recycle” every atom. Magnetic field captures these atoms, so the device can perform multiple measurements on every move of every atom. Scientists hope the system in measuring antihydrogen atoms rise or fall when the accuracy of the initial capacity of more than 1%. ?