Product and Solution

Do strong core business and enhance competitive edge.

Electronic car weigher

Digital electronic car weigher, analogous electronic car weigher, unattended operation, DCS dynamic electronic car weigher.

Electronic hanging scale

Wireless electronic hanging scale, vertical electronic hanging scale, high temperature-resistant hanging scale, explosive proof electronic hanging scale, single track electronic hanging scale.

Belt weigh meter

Universal type, explosion proof type, weighing feeder are suitable for feeding for short distance belt conveyor.

System Solution

Automatic weighing and batching control system, automatic weighing metering system, automatic inspection solution system, automatic sorting system, remote weighing motoring control system, and automatic device integrated system.

Conveyer equipment

Automatic ring form vehicle line, logistics conveyer system, assembly system of electric welder, circular, doubling piece plug-in line, coating line, increasing line, aging line, roller line.

Weighing Accessories

Weighing sensor, instrument, connecting box, large screen, weighing software, printer

Professional Metering System Solution Service Provider

Hctech Weighing is not only a professional weighter manufacturer and conveyer equipment supplier, but also a service provider of automatic system solution. Relying on superior quality and heartfelt service,. Hctech Weighing will constantly meet the war in the future and grow into an overall metering system solution service provider.

To Survive with Quality , To Develop with Service

Four major services, superior quality and heartfelt service.

Professional install.

Hctech Weighing has a professional service team, after specialized training, with many years of experience in service, with excellent skills and work tools provide you with fast, reliable service.

Rapid Response.

The normal operating time of equipment is of great importance. We have local professional technique personnel throughout the country, arrive at the site within two hours and provide the maintenance solutions.

Parts Supply.

We meet the highest quality expectations and a large amount of inventory can meet your demand. Our original accessories have all passed the factory test ,conform to the international standards.

User Training.

Relying on its own resources and technology advantages, Hctech Weighing can provide high quality training services. The training will allow you to firmly grasp how to use skilled operation equipment.

Why do you choose our products?

Three Major Advantages, Profession and Quality Assurance


Concentrate on Fine Field in Industry.

Hctech Weighing is not only a professional weighter manufacturer and conveyer equipment supplier, but Professional Metering System and service provider of automatic system solution.


Automatic Production and Efficient Operation .

The products all adopt automatic production, which can improve product quality and production efficiency greatly. The efficient operation can guarantee the high quality products within construction period.


To Provide the Most Suitable Service Plan.

We can provide all support to the customers’ equipment and also provide the optimal plan for customers with integration of resources according to customers’ conditions.

We recommend the facts.

We only speak with our actual strength.


year Industry experience.




invention patents.


projects / year.


Multiple clients.


successful cases.