D39 electronic weighing instrument

D39 Electronic Weighing Instrument

D39 electronic weighing instrument is a multi task operating system technology platform, Ding ft display and touch operation, specifically for the design of digital truck scale weighing instrument, a greater degree to play digital advantages: will all scales tune process are to graphics interface text form now operating personnel at the front, the tone scale become intuitive and efficient. Many kinds of common errors operation or fault in the form of a dialog box prompts, the dialog box in detail that make troubleshooting become simple and accurate, with display data clearly weighing records storage management interface, the weighing records management becomes simple. Suitable for digital static truck scale system.

1. graphic display, display content becomes rich and vivid;
2. each operation has graphic details, make complex settings easier;
The interface of digital balance 3, a variety of image scale adjustment, the adjustment scale is more accurate;
4, in support of English input sequence number in the parent / Chinese characters can make digital display, weighing records more complete;
5, support for improving the anti cheating instrument for design of E type dynamic encryption communication protocol and K protocol;
6, the design of multiple electrical isolation protection, improve the reliability of auto regulating system;
7, support the routine C, E and K communication protocol;
8, support column sensor with angle test, display installation conditions each sensor to the image of the interface: (optional)
9, have the function of automatic adjust angle, angle adjustable, adjustable axle weight transmission angle and transmission coefficient adjustable angle, to meet the different site conditions;
10, support 08 series instrument encryption and JMQ01 encryption key;
11, through RS232/RS485 or Ethernet platform and sensor state query.

1. the digital sensor interface: RS485, in the 12 case of digital sensors can be connected to the bus 75 meters
2. transmission rate: 9600, 19200bps;
3. digital sensor power supply: DC12V/750mA
4. digital sensor connection number: 1 16
5. digital sensor communication protocol: C protocol, C peakway custom protocol, E protocol, E protocol and K protocol customization
6. display: TFT color 7inch800*480 display;
7. keyboard: resistive touch screen
8. large screen interface: 20mA current loop serial output constant current source, 600 baud rate, transmission distance is less than 100 meters;
9. the serial communication interface configuration: Standard RS232 and RS485, an optional 600 baud rate 19200
10. a printer interface: standard parallel printing interface can be connected with Epson LQ-300K +II}, LQ-300K, LQ-680K. L a 730K, LQ-1600K (+), Panasonic KX-P1131, kx-p 1121, DS-300 width line printer and evening when concubine Sipu du Temple POS58IV, Qi AB-300K printer.
11. Ethernet interface: 10/100Mbps
12. data storage: can store 1000 group number 4500 tare, new weighing records, 300 new incomplete weighing records
13. instrument power: AC 110 220V, 50 60Hz;
14. appearance: 318*218*100mm
15. weight: about 2.7 kg