Automatic Sorting System

Automatic Sorting System

The product properly weighing and sorting is key to ensuring product net weight or size to meet specific packaging requirements. Heng Cheng Weighing provide automatic weight sorting solutions replace the traditional manual sorting process. Automatic process can reduce labor costs, and the accuracy is much higher than manual operation. In addition, they can also increase yield and minimize the amount of product filling and more substantial increase in production efficiency.

Checkweigher can accurately determine the quality of each product and the weight transfer value to the sorting machine. Weight sorting machine products are classified by weight, when the product reaches the production line transmission, its steering will immediately trigger the appropriate door. Weight sorting machines are mechanically independent of the production line upstream of the checkweigher. This eliminates the process of sorting shocks mechanical movement, ensuring the highest weighing accuracy.

Hctech Weighing design expertise and experience in the food industry, such as the preferred sorter you deal with fish, meat, poultry and frozen products.

Key Benefits:

1. arrive at the plant, the system has been fully installed, and its small footprint, you almost do not need to re-design the production line big.
2. minimizes downtime, reduces project completion time and significantly reduce costs.
3. the “double parallel” to the door design compact sorter can be easily integrated into the production line, help you save valuable floor space.
4. the optical sensor rugged, specially designed to ensure that the steering gate (precise time control) your product gently into the correct outlet, thereby minimizing the risk of product damage.
5. process automation to increase profit margins. Hctech weigh Production capacity sorter reaches 120 per minute, compared with manual operation, faster, more reliable, more consistent low-automatic sorting the product.