Automatic Inspection Solution

Automatic Inspection Solution

Automatic checkweigher is suitable for detecting the weight of a single product is qualified, widely used in electronics, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, health care products, daily light industrial, agricultural and other industries. Such as daily chemical products, cosmetics (including cosmetics, cleaning, cosmetics, skin care, hair cosmetics, etc.), cleaning products (including soaps, washing powder, detergent, etc.), oral products (including toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.); other chemical products (including shoe polish, floor wax, deodorant, insecticide, etc.).

The main function:

1. Reporting: Built-in reports, statistics, reports can be generated EXCLE format, can automatically generate a variety of real-time data reports, U disk can store more than 1 year statistical data, to keep the production status;

2. interface functions: Reserve standard interfaces to facilitate data management, networking and other communications equipment and PC;

3. centralized control: to achieve a computer / machine interface centralized control of multiple checkweighers machine;

4. recovery parameters: provide the factory parameter setting recovery.

Product Features:

1. versatility: the whole man-machine interface standardization and standardized structure to be completed by weighing various materials;

2. easy to replace: can store a variety of formulations, easy to change product specifications;

3. the operation is simple: use Willen color HMI, intelligent, user-friendly design;

4. easy to maintain: conveyor easy disassembly, easy installation and maintenance, easy to clean;

5. speed adjustable: variable frequency control motor speed can be adjusted as needed;

6. high-speed, high-precision: the use of high-precision digital sensors, sampling speed, high precision;

7. zero tracking: manually or automatically cleared, and dynamic zero tracking.