D2008 (20K) Instrument

D2008 (20K) Instrument

Built-in electrical isolation and anti static design, reduce the damage caused by field grounding problem of serial interface, sensor interface bad, weight is not stable, and sensor communication good times and bad phenomenon, the sensor interface of instrument anti surge protection design improve the instrument of lightning surge protection, applicable for static digital automotive systems.
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1. built-in constant current charging charging circuit, better protection of battery;
2. design and fast storage, solve the problem with the record store;
3. support for custom fill print typesetting function;
4. through electrostatic protective isolation + interface design, the protection of the sensor against external equipment electrical effects;
5. added support for dynamic E custom encryption communication protocol and K protocol to improve the anti cheating ability;
6. support the routine C, E and K communication protocol;
7. have the function of automatic adjust angle, angle adjustable, adjustable axle weight transmission angle and transmission coefficient adjustable angle, to meet the different site conditions;
8. support the Modbus command protocol and 8 kinds of continuous PC communication protocol;
9. support 08 series instrument encryption and JMQ01 encryption key.

1. the digital sensor interface: RS485, in the 12 case of digital sensors can be connected to the bus 75 meters;
2. transmission rate: 9600, 19200bps;
3. digital sensor power supply: DC 12V/750mA;
4. digital sensor connection number: 1~16;
5. digital sensor communication protocol: C protocol, C peakway custom protocol, E protocol, E protocol and K protocol customization;
6. display mode: 7 bit 1.2inch LED digital tube, 7 State indicator;
7. large screen interface: 20mA current loop serial output constant current source, 600 baud rate, transmission distance is less than 100 meters;
8. the serial communication interface standard: RS232, an optional 600 baud rate 19200;
9. a printer interface: standard parallel printing interface can be connected with Epson LQ-300K + II, Epson LQ-300K, Epson LQ-680K, Epson l0-730K, Epson LQ-1600K (+), KX-P1131, KX-P1121, DS-300 monospaced Ye Ding Yinji and Xi Shi Qie Si Purui Temple inclined POS58 IV, Qi AB-300K printer.
10. data storage: can store 1000 group number 1500 tare, new weighing records, 300 new incomplete weighing records.
11. instrument power: the main power supply of AC 110-220V, 50Hz;
12. the emergency power supply: DC 12V/7Ah maintenance free storage battery (random charging);
13. appearance: 300 x 230 x 90 mm;
14. weight: About 34.1 kg;