DCS Dynamic Electronic Car Weigher

DCS Dynamic Electronic Car Weigher

Usually by the dynamic vehicle weighing area, the load cell and weighing display controllers and other components. Weighing area by the carrier and the composition of the transition zone, the carrier is a load-bearing member; quality of the signal of the load cell will load into easily measured electrical signal; weighing display controller signal amplification, filtering, A / D converted by the CPU operation through display by the printer to print weighing results.

Dynamic truck scale is widely used in highway toll system, as an important means of weight charges, by weighing the total car weight, as the basis for charges.

  • main function

1. small footprint, low investment.
2. weighing not limit the tonnage models.
3. too, said no parking (speed of 4. An adjustment convenient, short cycle.
5. the structure of small, light weight, portable structure can be made.

1. static and dynamic weighing mode at any time to convert.
2. self-protection to prevent misuse.
3. Dynamic weighing results can be automatically printed, to achieve unmanned operation.
4. weighing management software utility with automatic tare, day statistics.
5. memory 500 license plate number.
6. built-in printer, with a gross weight, tare weight, net weight and axle load, speed and other print formats.
7. multi-function interface to an external computer, big screen and external printer.

Uniaxial largest weighingUniaxial≤30TUniaxial≤40TUniaxial≤50T
Division value d(kg)202020
AccuracyStatic (III) level dynamic 0.5
Instrument working environmentTemperature: -10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ Relative humidity ≤90%
Sensors work environmentTemperature:-20℃~+80℃

Optional accessories