D29 Electronic weighing instruments

D29 Electronic weighing instruments

D29 electronic weighing scales weighing instruments will all tune in the form of a graphical interface displayed in front of the operator, so that adjusting the scale becomes intuitive and efficient; the end-user interface is no longer abstract strokes interface, operating a variety of common errors or failure to conduct prompt text or graphics to make troubleshooting easy and accurate; having the display is clearly weighing records storage management interface that enables weighing records management becomes easy. For digital static truck scale systems.

1. graphic text display, the display image becomes rich;
2. Each operation has graphic details, to make the complex simple setup;
3. a variety of digital image tone scales scales interface makes adjusting the scale more precise;
4. support Chinese and English input, number of female characters sequencer / digital display Jieke make more complete weighing records;
5. support for dynamic instrument to improve the E-type anti-cheating design of cryptographic protocols and K agreements;
6. using multiple electrical isolation protection design, improve the reliability of truck scale systems;
7. support the conventional C, E, and K-type communication protocol;
8. with support column angle sensor test, the screen displays the image in order to install the status of each sensor ( optional)
9. with automatic angle adjustment, lose weight angle adjustment, output shaft adjustment angle and angle adjustment coefficient functions to meet the different circumstances of the scene;
10. 08 series instruments support encryption and JMQ01 a key encryption;
11. through the RS232 / RS485 or Ethernet query weighing platform and sensor status.

1. the digital sensor interface: RS485 mode, then 12 in the case of digital sensors can be connected to the bus 75 meters
2. the transmission rate: 9600,19200bps;
3. the digital sensor Power supply: DC12V / 750mA
4. the number of digital sensors connection: 1 – 16
5. the digital sensor communication protocol: Heng Cheng C protocol, C custom protocols, E agreement, E and K custom protocol agreement
6. Display: 240 * 128, black and white LCD display;
7. large-screen interfaces: 20mA current loop constant current source serial output, 600 baud rate, transmission distance ≤100 meters;
8. serial communication interface: RS232 standard configuration and RS485, a baud rate of 600 19200 optional
9. the printer interface: configuration standard parallel interface can be connected with EPSON LQ-300K + II}, LQ-300K, LQ-680K, LQ a 730K, LQ-1600K (+), the Panasonic KX-P1131, KX-P 1121 , line printer and Xi concubine DS-300, etc. Continuous Computing du Temple POS58IV, Kawasaki AB-300K printer.
10. an Ethernet interface: 10 / 100Mbps
11. Data storage: can store 1000 group license plate number tare, 4500 group weighing record date, 300 groups weighing record date is incomplete
12. meter power: AC 110 a 220V, 50 a 60Hz;
13. appearance: 318 * 218 * 100mm
14. weight: about 2.8 kg